The Master of the Keys

My grandmother’s friend A.J.Pengelly has written a book about my adventures to find the symbols. You can buy it from bookstores and Amazon. It’s called "The Master of the Keys".

An Overview of the Book

Charlie Masters, a 32 year old creative designer in London, plans a Nile cruise in Egypt with her boyfriend, ex naval officer Andy Jamieson. When she and Andy quarrel her close friend Jacqui Millar takes his ticket. Before Charlie leaves she has a vivid dream of an ancient Egyptian High Priest, Khamet, placing a casket of sacred symbols under the Sphinx to keep them safe from a rogue priest, Aapep. As Khamet seals away the symbols he vows that they will lay dormant until the beginning of a new spiritual era, the time of The New Dawn, when individuals will wake to the potential of their own personal powers; a time when they can use the symbols to activate their own dormant spiritual abilities. Charlie is cynical of the dream but her grandmother, Miranda Westwood, a psychic who is far more open to spiritual matters advises her to keep an open mind to the prophecy; maybe Charlie is an incarnation of Khamet and intended to find the symbols and take them out to the world.

Once Charlie joins the Nile cruise she begins to sense menace and danger in the shadows as the past begins to catch up with her. To divert her from her broken relationship with Andy she finds solace and comfort in the arms of the romantic and charming Garneesh, an Indian cosmetic surgeon. As the cruise progresses so Charlie reluctantly accepts that there could be a correlation between her past life and current events. Questions arise about the people who cross her path. Is the shadowy figure who has tried to kidnap her at the temple of Horus her old enemy Aapep? Who is Joseph the old match-seller who seems to know so much about her? Who tried to enter her cabin the night of the storm?

She realises the real danger she faces when her new lover Garneesh shows his hand and kidnaps her in an attempt to secure the secrets of the symbols for The Ancient Society of Ammonites, a group of British businessmen and aristocracy led by the shadowy Lord Dennington, a wealthy media magnate. The society has a vested interest in keeping personal powers away from the people and Lord D has not only employed Garneesh but also Jared Mustof the London leader of gangland thugs and Binwani with his international terrorists. She survives the kidnap and a subsequent ambush through the courage of the match seller Joseph and the timely arrival of her boyfriend Andy.

As she, Andy and Jacqui manage to keep one step ahead of their pursuers Charlie gets clues and insights into her past but the symbols themselves continue to elude her. Eventually she flies from Luxor to Cairo and Giza to try the chant that she recalls Khamet used to seal the hidden chamber of the Sphinx. After this too fails she gets the devastating news that Joseph has died of wounds incurred in one of their violent encounters with the terrorists so, feeling the price is too high, she decides to give up her quest and return home.

Some weeks later at a birthday tea-party at Harrods Charlie comes face to face with a statue of the Sphinx in the basement of the store. This triggers a recall of the symbol of healing. Elated she calls Miranda to share her fantastic news. She then joins Miranda, Andy and Jacqui for tea. Miranda believes that Charlie broke the seal when she used the secret chant in Cairo and that other Ancient Egyptian artefacts in London may trigger her memory of other symbols, so they leave the store to test her theory. However, Miranda’s phone had been hacked by the Society and they follow them through the Egyptian rooms of The British Museum and along the Embankment where she recalls two more symbols, one for protection and one for manifesting. The pursuit then continues through St Katherine’s Dock and onto the Thames where Andy uses his seaman’s skills to save them once again. In a final confrontation with Jared once more Charlie shows great courage as she faces her enemies and after a fire-fight and late night raid at a country estate Lord Dennington and the gang are eventually rounded up.

Finally, in Andy’s riverside apartment Charlie and Jacqui put together a website ( and send out a Face Book message sharing the symbols. Andy and Charlie plan a recovery holiday in Bali. Charlie’s laptop beeps an incoming message which they all turn to read “Go to India, J”. This leads to the next book The Master of the Heart based in India, Nepal and Tibet.