Interview by Anne Jones

Charlieís Bio

Name: Charlotte Jane Masters. Known as Charlie

Home: Between St Catherineís Dock, Tower Hill, London and Brockenhurst in the New Forest National Park

Age: 32

Parents: Annabelle and Jonnie Masters. Killed in a car crash in 1983

Work: Creative Designer at J J Blacks Advertising Agency London.

Hobbies: Sailing, running in the New Forest and the odd visit to the gym in London

Partner: Andy Jamieson

Recorded in Anneís home in Burley, New Forest. Anne is an old friend of my grandmother and a family friend of many years. Anne is a spiritual healer and author of a number of books on healing and empowerment.

A: Hi Charlie, so lovely to be chatting to you after your amazing experiences in Egypt.
C: Thanks Anne. My head is still getting around the events and how so much unfolded in such a short time.

A: Can you tell me a little about these symbols, Charlie. What will they do for people?
C: I guess itís easier to say what they have done for me. They have given me a way to feel stronger and more in control of my feelings. I can now uplift myself when I feel down Ė it feels like the energies that come through the use of the healing symbol are such high frequency that they just lift me up, emotionally and energetically. I certainly have more energy in a get up and go sort of way.

A: Do they make you feel more confident?
C: Yes they do. The protection symbol makes me feel stronger. Miranda says it strengthens my aura so I have more vitality and I'm not so affected by everyone elseís energy. I used to get a sinking feeling in my stomach whenever I went into a crowded room. Thatís a lot better as Iím no longer picking up other peopleís negative vibes. The manifesting symbol seems to open doors, as though I have someone on my side now helping me reach my goals and overcome obstacles.Its great Ė like making magic!

A: Fantastic. Iím so pleased for you sweetie. Youíre definitely more connected to your spiritual aspect now and that makes you more connected to Spirit itself Ė whether you believe in God or not there is a powerful force of good that we can all tap into. The symbols are helping you to do that. You are using them like a messaging system with your requests answered instantly. We actually all have these powers of healing, manifesting and protection naturally but our doubts and scepticism tend to shut us off from them; itís a direct result from living in such a material world.
C: Yes I can see that. I do feel more in touch with the bigger picture of life, especially when I go for a walk in the National Park where Nan lives. I sort of feel more a part of the Forest and nature. Itís hard to explain some of this but itís as though Iíve expanded.

A: This must have been quite a life changing experience for you Charlie. Do you think it has changed the way you see and cope with life?
C: I feel freer, not so restricted. Itís difficult to describe the feeling but I sense that I can take on challenges and Iím definitely not so anxious as I was. I also realise that a lot of the things I dismissed before, especially all the woohoo things that Nan talked about, are actually true. This has taken some time to drop in place, but I feel very clear that there is a powerful force of love that I can now connect with, mainly with the help of the healing symbol. I get whooshes when it comes through and it makes me feel wonderful. I suppose thatís what people call Godís love.

A: It certainly is. There are lots of ways people describe this but love will do! More of an unconditional type of love than the love we tend to have in our earthly lives.
C: Itís a warm fuzzy feeling. I like it.

A: Do you think you will change your job now?
C: No, I love my work at the agency but I feel much stronger in myself and I wonít allow myself to be pushed around anymore Ė well thatís my intention anyway and so far its working. I seem to be getting more respect already. I used to be at everyoneís beck and call, I still help them but I donít do it slavishly anymore. Iíve started doing healing sessions down in Brockenhurst where Nan lives. I donít know where it will lead but it feels great to be helping people with these energies, they seem to cut through all sort of old emotions and imprints. Iíll see how that goes and if I get enough work I may try and go part time at the agency.

A: Perfect. I would take it one step at a time. You are going to make an impact wherever you are now that you are connecting to the energies. What are your other plans?
C: Well, I want to get more hands on experience with the symbols and I want to get more people to get to know them and use them. Iíll use Face Book and Twitter to pass on my experiences with them. Andy and I do have a plan to get away on holiday and we had chosen Bali although we had a really spooky message up on my laptop which makes me feel we are going to be going to India instead.

A: Well thatís a very spiritual country and I would think an ideal place to explore this side of your life more. Is Andy definitely going with you this time?
C: Supposedly so, but heís off on another secret project of his own at the moment. All his work is so hush hush that I donít know whatís happening. But the plan is we go off in a couple of months.

A: By the way did he forgive you for your romance on the boat?
C: He says so; at least he understands why it happened and has promised to be more open with me now. He really did have a shut-down heart Ė thereís a long way to go yet though, heís got a lot of issues about commitment still to work through. Personally, I think heís got a lot of guilt inside still from his time in Iraq. One of the reasons we want to take this next trip together is to get closer and try and heal some of this stuff.

A: Thank you for the interview Charlie. I look forward to hearing more of your adventures, I know you have many to come!