Welcome to the spiritual adventures of Charlie Masters. Join her journey of discovery. Uncover the secrets and wisdom of the ancient Power Symbols to empower yourself, others and the world.

Hi, Welcome! My name is Charlie Masters and this is my website. Ive had the most exciting and awesome experience that I would like to share with you. Even as I write this it seems a most bizarre series of events. It all started with a holiday to Egypt a trip on the Nile. Well actually it began before that with a dream I had about a High Priest in Ancient Egypt. I saw an elderly priest carrying a gold casket, standing in front of the Sphinx. He chanted a sort of spell which made the paw move and opened up an entrance to a series of steps. This led down to an underground chamber below the Sphinx; as he placed the box down I heard drums and a deep voice saying that the symbols in the casket would be hidden away until it was safe to share them with the world, when they would be released to help people become empowered again. To be perfectly honest I thought the dream a lot of mumbo jumbo. My grandmother, Miranda, who is a bit of a spook an old hippie really, bless her - well, she was convinced that I am a reincarnation of that priest!

Anyway I left for Egypt a few days later with my friend Jacqui and experienced one scary situation after another and to The Master of the Keys, the past came back to life and, I have to say, not without some really frightening moments! Eventually, I too was convinced and after Id given up on finding the casket and the symbols I had a real OMG moment in Harrods and I started to see them. You can read all about my adventures in a book my friend has written, The Master of the Keys.

I have set up this site so that I can share the symbols and as more come through, I will add them on here. Please use them and share them its time for us to be free to tap into all sorts of powers that we have let lie dormant for thousands of years. You can use them just by drawing them or there are now some oracle cards of the symbols as well as some gorgeous silver jewellery. Miranda says that we are now coming into a new era, a time when we ordinary people really develop our strengths and find all sorts of powers that we have either given away or just not used. Im not into conspiracy theories but I do think we are far more than we seem. My adventures in Egypt have certainly woken me up to a whole side of myself that I just couldnt have believed before. Hopefully these symbols will do the same for you!

Good luck, be empowered and have fun with them.

Charlie Masters